Free weekend genealogical opportunity from


Free weekend access Friday 6th March to Monday 9th March!

Anybody researching their family history soon discovers that it can prove expensive, especially if you use the well known paid subscription websites for access to data that is not available in your local public library/archive/repository. I usually advise people to curtail their costs as much as possible – use free resources wherever they are available.

The good news is that every so often – in fact quite frequently – the genealogical website (and its affiliates such as in Ireland) offers free access to its huge database of genealogical records worldwide.  The latest opportunity to avail of this free access starts tomorrow Friday 6th March at 12.00 noon GMT to 12.00 noon GMT on Monday 9th March.

Yes, three full days of access to genealogical data! My advice is: USE IT! I would suggest that you assemble your known data. Decide exactly what you want to know and then go and search for that information. Be warned – it might not be there. None of these websites has a total database of every bit of information about everybody’s ancestors, but there is a huge amount of data available. I imagine that there will be many people planning a few all-nighters!

Burning the midnight oil

How not to do genealogy this weekend!

I imagine that there will be many people planning a few all-nighters! There’s nothing wrong with burning the midnight oil, but I would advise you to get plenty of rest to allow your little grey cells to sleep on the data.  You’ll wake up fresh and with a better head for research.


Good question! Although in Ireland, as a nation of night owls, we don’t consider 10.00 pm to be particularly late.

Participants will have to register their details.  If the website requests credit card details please remember that if you don’t wish to pay for access to further records beyond Monday at noon, you must cancel your registration or funds will may be deduct from your credit card.  This latter rule applies to ANY website that offers such free access to genealogical records.

Happy hunting!