Heritage Week 2014 Closing Tour.

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Thankfully the weather gods were in a reasonable mood today and restrained the rain/drizzle until the end of the tour.  We had over sixteen people on the tour and that was a very comfortable number which allowed us to create a corridor on the pavement to let other pedestrians through.

What delighted me was that people DID know something about Midleton – but it was in the form of bits and pieces of information.  There clearly seems to be a demand for such tours in Midleton so we will have to consider this for the future – but perhaps in smaller chunks; say, the upper Main Street on one tour, and the lower Main Street on the next tour.  This would allow the time for the tour to be shortened – and allow other parts of the town to be considered in specific tours. This approach would allow for a more detailed examination of the history of the town through its buildings and neighbourhoods.  Hopefully further tours will be on offer soon.

I would like to thank all those who turned up today, especially those who contributed from their own knowledge and memories. Tours like this are so useful for bringing out that sort of knowledge.  I hope that everybody learned something new and learned to appreciate the simple act of looking at the buildings of the town.

Historical Walking Tour of Midleton, Sunday, 31st August @ 3.00 pm.










If you hadn’t noticed by now, Ireland is celebrating National Heritage Week 2014 from Saturday 23rd August to Sunday 31st August.  There were only three events registered for Midleton during this week.  The first event was the Historical Walking Tour of Midleton on Sunday 24th at 3.00 pm.  Despite the atrocious weather (part of our national heritage, really!), about twelve people joined me to view a selection of buildings and sites on Main Street and one or two side streets, finishing at the Rock.  We explored aspects of the history of these places.  The second event was held yesterday, Wednesday 27th August at 1.00 pm.  This was a Genealogy/Family History Talk that I gave in Midleton Library.  Thank God it was an indoors event, because, once again, the weather gods were in a foul mood, drenching the town with torrential downpours (I really must make more, and bloodier, sacrifices to these deities before next weekend!).  One again my excuse is that the weather is part of our Irish heritage!

I wish to thank all those who braved the elements and joined me for these events – well done to you!  And thanks to Emer Kelliher and the staff at Midleton Library for facilitating yesterday’s talk, as well as encouraging me to do the walking tours!

For those of you brave enough to risk creeping outdoors next Sunday, 31st August, I will lead another Historical Walking Tour of the town following the same route as last Sunday’s walk,

We will start at 3.00 pm from the Library door and head uptown (north towards the AIB bank) and then downtown (south towards Lewis Bridge and the Rock). In the best spirit of Heritage Week, the tour is free!  (There are even rumours from the weathermen that my sacrifices to the weather gods may get a very favourable response!  Or maybe the schools are back?).

See you there!


For more on Heritage Week 2014, check out:  http://www.heritageweek.ie/

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Welcome gentle reader to my new blog!

Whether by accident or design, you’ve stumbled across a blog that I hope will amuse and inform you, especially about a place called Midleton – yes, that’s Midleton with just one ‘d’! (Google it – it does exist!)

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