Midleton Walking Tour


Explore the history of Midleton on a group walking tour. We will discuss some of the major historical figures involved in the development of the town, and explore how the town developed from a twelfth century Cistercian monastery to the bustling market town it is today. Read about a recent tour here.

Maximum group size is 12 – 15 people. Smaller groups are welcome!

Fitness Requirements (!): We will walk approximately 1 mile and the tour will last about 1 hour.  During this time you will be standing. Please note it is possible to do this tour by wheelchair! However we will accommodate those with special requirements too.

Weather: Rain wear is recommended – this IS Ireland.

Larger groups, longer tours and themed tours are available on request.  I also offer walking tours in Youghal, Cork and Limerick.

You can contact me on 087 2969382 or email tharpur97(AT)gmail.com

One thought on “Midleton Walking Tour

  1. Tony, just left a message on your answer phone. I’m the great grandson of John and Kate O’Brien, Midleton shop keepers (if my sister Kate’s research is correct) from late 1800s well into the 1900s. 1901 census note them at 25 main st with their 5 kids, including my granddad Michael Francis, future village doctor in Killeagh. we happen to be in the area tomorrow (Aug 24), visiting the surgery in Killeagh where my dad (john) grew up and swinging through Midleton on the way to cobh (to visit rushbrooke racquet club where my mum and dad met at a tournament in 1964), and I wonder if you might be around and available for a tour or, if not, even just a quick cup of tea.


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