Commonwealth Wargraves in the Church of the Holy Rosary Graveyard, Midleton

Damian Shiels digs way again and comes up with another gem – the Commonwealth War Graves in Holy Rosary Cemetery in Midleton. These graves are scattered throughout the oldest section of the graveyard so they require a search to find them. Damian has done a lot to uncover the stories of men from Midleton involved in the Napoleonic War and World War I. He’s also an expert on the Irish in the American Civil War.

One thing to note: there is NO link between HMS Roxburgh and the Roxborough River in Midleton (also known as the Dungourney River) – the ship is named after a town in Scotland!

The Midleton Archaeology & Heritage Project

We went to the main Catholic graveyard in Midleton to have a look at the Commonwealth Wargraves related to World War One and World War Two, and to see if we could find any details on the men themselves. Of course there are numerous military-related graves in the Church of the Holy Rosary cemetery, from the I.R.A. volunteers killed and executed following the Clonmult Ambush during the War of Independence, to veterans of the armies and navies of both Britain and the Republic of Ireland. Below are those men buried in Midleton who died while in British service, and who are recorded by the Commonwealth Wargraves Commission. We supply short biographies of each one, but are eager to uncover more detail on their lives from readers. One of these men, Tasmanian Ambrose Augustine Haley, will be the subject of a more detailed post over the weekend.

Shipwright 2nd Class William…

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