Heritage Week 2014 Closing Tour.

National Heritage Week 2014 logo Irish


Thankfully the weather gods were in a reasonable mood today and restrained the rain/drizzle until the end of the tour.  We had over sixteen people on the tour and that was a very comfortable number which allowed us to create a corridor on the pavement to let other pedestrians through.

What delighted me was that people DID know something about Midleton – but it was in the form of bits and pieces of information.  There clearly seems to be a demand for such tours in Midleton so we will have to consider this for the future – but perhaps in smaller chunks; say, the upper Main Street on one tour, and the lower Main Street on the next tour.  This would allow the time for the tour to be shortened – and allow other parts of the town to be considered in specific tours. This approach would allow for a more detailed examination of the history of the town through its buildings and neighbourhoods.  Hopefully further tours will be on offer soon.

I would like to thank all those who turned up today, especially those who contributed from their own knowledge and memories. Tours like this are so useful for bringing out that sort of knowledge.  I hope that everybody learned something new and learned to appreciate the simple act of looking at the buildings of the town.


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